Tripolina Teal Blue

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Frames: Natural
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The Original Tripolina Chair

Our legendary Tripolina Chair is Made in Italy, handcrafted with top quality raw materials sourced in Italy.
To create it, we have chosen the best quality and strongest fabrics. The solid ash wood is of the highest quality. It is crafted in our joinery according to the highest quality standards and assembled with sturdy and durable galvanized hardware.


80% acrylic, 20% cotton fabric. Water repellent, stain resistant.


106 cm


69 cm

Mediterraneo Collection

Mediterranean Scrubland and Sea have always been a primary source of inspiration for Italian people and artists. Telami’s Mediterraneo Collection offers a selection characterized by soft natural colours and delicate textures, with water-repellent and anti-stain materials. Every product is available in natural, dark and black finishing.