Novecento Collection

Melting Pot of Colours and Styles

1900 was a century characterized by great contrasts, but also by the capability of merging opposites to create something new. Tripolina itself has been the result of this process: an armchair for military troopers which had become an icon of style and fashion. The Novecento Collection takes inspiration from the XX century to create an idea of elegance which is the result of the encounter of different colours and textiles, in disruptive and unexpected ways.


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Cover Ecru&Teal Blue Sale price€149.00 EUR
Cover Ecru&Violet Sale price€149.00 EUR
Cover Ecru&Mustard Yellow Sale price€149.00 EUR
Cover Ecru&Terracotta Red Sale price€149.00 EUR
Cover 1855 Suede Sale price€289.00 EUR
Tripolina Ecru&Teal Blue Sale price€349.00 EUR
Tripolina Ecru&Violet Sale price€349.00 EUR
Tripolina Ecru&Terracotta Red Sale price€349.00 EUR
Tripolina Ecru&Mustard Yellow Sale price€349.00 EUR
Tripolina 1855 Suede Sale price€490.00 EUR