Ducale Collection

Class is an Attitude

Inspired by the sophisticated style of Italy’s noble families, Ducale collection is the quintessential Italian class and elegance: upscale colours and intense nuances, superior look and great materials. Enjoy your moments of ease with taste and beauty, Ducale Collection is waiting for you.


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Cover Bordeaux Sale priceFrom €29.00 EUR
Cover Forest Green Sale priceFrom €29.00 EUR
The Original Telami Cover Sale priceFrom €29.00 EUR
Footstool Bordeaux Sale price€119.00 EUR
Footstool Midnight Blue Sale price€119.00 EUR
Footstool Forest Green Sale price€119.00 EUR
Director's Chair Bordeaux Sale price€169.00 EUR
Director's Chair Forest Green Sale price€169.00 EUR
Director's Chair Midnight Blue Sale price€169.00 EUR
Tripolina Bag Bordeaux Sale price€179.00 EUR
Tripolina Bag Forest Green Sale price€179.00 EUR
Tripolina Bag Midnight Blue Sale price€179.00 EUR
Director's Chair Make-Up Bordeaux Sale price€209.00 EUR
Tripolina Bordeaux Sale price€349.00 EUR
Tripolina Forest Green Sale price€349.00 EUR
Tripolina Midnight Blue Sale price€349.00 EUR