Tripolina Bag Primary Red

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The Tripolina Bag

Designed to carry your Tripolina Chair everywhere you want, with an unmistakeable touch of style. A very high quality bag, handmade in brown leather and Telami fabrics. Available in every color of our collections.


100% acrylic fabric. Water repellent, stain and UV resistant, anti-mould. High quality leather bottom and laces.


20 x 20 cm


130 cm

Sole Mio Collection

A selection which embodies the vibrant, playful and sunny spirit of the Italian way of life. White and Yellow inspired by the sands of the Italian seasides, Red like the mediterranean corals, Blue like the wonderful landscape of the Gulf of Naples. Pick-up a Sole Mio chair and also you shall sing “Che bella cosa na jurnata 'e sole.” (transl. “What a wonderful thing a sunny day”).