Design and Manufacturing

Bringing New Life to Tripolina’s Iconic Aesthetics.
The classy elegance of the original Tripolina folding
armchair plus exclusive design improvements.

Italian Craftsmanship

The Telami Tripolina armchair is 100% Made in Italy by the finest artisans and craftsmen, and its production is accurately handmade by experienced Italian carpenter. All the Telami products use only premium-quality materials, and all of our fabrics come from the highest quality Italian manufactures.

Top Quality Materials

Our Tripolina armchair is made of accurately selected ash wood, providing great robustness, flexibility and lightness to the whole structure. Every element is a single piece of solid wood, with perfect fibers orientation. No joints, no knots. This is one of the secret ingredients behind the outstanding reliability and functionality of our Tripolina.

Relax for All Seasons

The structure of every Tripolina is finely varnished with water-based paints and natural wood stains, which guarantee high protection under every weather condition. From sun to rain, from humidity to cold, the Telami Tripolina armchairs will always maintain their look and functionality.

Double Layer Double Comfort

In order to provide remarkable strength and coziness to the armchair, all of our Tripolina covers are double-layered and their borders are double seamed. Moreover, Telami introduces an extra-ordinary innovation to its Tripolina covers: the structural pockets are now reinforced with an exclusive anti-tear cloth, for an improved tear and wear resistance.

100% Tuscanian Leather

Telami’s range of leather covers is crafted with top-quality vegetable-tanned leather from Tuscany. We choose only the finest pieces of leather, and the workmanship is handmade by selected high-end curriers in Italy.

Smooth and Shiny Hinges

Each one of our Tripolina hinges is laser-cut and made of stainless steel, for a remarkable result both on the aesthetic and functional side.

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