Round Umbrella Terracotta Red

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The Sun Umbrella

Enjoy your "dolce vita" in the shade of this iconic umbrella with its classic wooden structure, a design piece capable of changing the face of your outdoor area. The high quality acrylic fabric guarantees resistance to the sun and moisture for many years, while the perfection of the stitching reveals all the unsurpassed mastery of Italian craftsmanship. For a furnishing accessory of pure creative harmony, which gives comfort, beauty and style.


100% Tempotest® acrylic fabric. Water repellent, stain and UV resistant, anti-mould.


3m x 3m


3m diam.

Lido Umbrellas

Finding refreshment in the shade becomes an opportunity for a contemporary and chic style, with a fine Made in Italy collection in which every detail is exquisitely finished, precious and time-tested.